Category Product Description
Internet Access ADSL line rental for  SOHO and Business Speeds from 385 to 10 Meg and higher
Business VPN Various technologies comprising of Copper line, Satellite, GPRS and other distribution technologies
  Bandwidth If you already have a connection ? Try our Internet access for price, speed and good service 
Website Hosting Rhino Net Hosting packages for the Individual and all types of Businesses, from a small SOHO operation to multi-branch Corporations
Domain Names Name Registration Need a name to represent you on the Internet ? What about a few names to drive customers to your site and compensate for any miss spelling
Web Design Services New Website or Upgrade of existing website Make use of our partners and collaborators to enhance your website at a price you determine
Web Technologies Web Tech In many cases, you need more than a static website to maximise your business on the Internet. Web Tech offers a range of products for a variety of applications
Custom Applications and Programming User Specs When there is on existing application that satisfy your needs,  we can design, program, and implement a Custom made application to your specifications.