Hosting Packages

Rhino Net offers 3 Hosting packages for rapid Internet Access.

"On The Go"
Is the entry level package at a very affordable price. You still get most of the goodies you need for full Internet experience but at a lower computer utilisation.


The 'Move' package is aimed at the small business, tooling up for rapid growth in sales and/or services. Use this package if you do not want any capacity constrains when hosting your website.

Yes, we can escalate services, speed and capacity. Take this package if you are any way the best on the block. No Internet constrains.

Property On the Go Move Supersonic
Transfer 1 Gig 3.5 Gig Uncapped *
Storage 300 Mb 1 Gig Uncapped *
FTP access Instant 5 Accounts Uncapped *
E-mail accounts x 5 x 50 Uncapped *
Webmail E-mail Yes Yes Yes
Cpanel website management Yes Yes Yes
Web Statistics Yes Yes yes
Monthly price,
Discounts for 12 and more months
R 7 / month R 29 / Month R 89 / Month

* Uncapped means to the limit of the hosting environment, bandwidth, line speed and other factors etc.

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Hosting Explained

New to  Hosting?
Hosting consists of 3 parts:

1) First, you need computer equipment like hard drives and other components connected to the internet. The connected device has a unique number called IP address, like a telephone.

2) Create a unique name and enter it in a special database. This is now called Domain name and uses a URL system to point to the computer where your files are stored.

3) Internet applications are required like web servers that display your pages to visitors, e-mail for messages and other web technologies, depending on what you are doing on the Internet.

Easy !